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I have decided to write this article about ruggies rug grippers reviews as i have experienced how the ruggies change an individuals life style.

Before i came to know about ruggies rug grippers, i had go through a lot of difficulty in maintaining my house. My house used to be very messy with a boring look with no pictures on the walls. Rugs never used to stay at the positions i put them. They would constantly move up and down as people passed on them. This lead to a lot of injuries happening in my place as the rugs tripped people who were passing. As a bachelor, it was so difficult for i to spend most of my time trying to make the house look neat thus i let the house ended up looking like a ‘cow shed’.

When rugs are placed on smooth floors, they tend to slip and slide if you are not careful as to how you walk on them. This is because the rugs are usually soft and do not hold on to the floor.  Rug Mysteries by

I had tried all the ways i could think in order to make the rugs stay at their right position but non of them seemed to work. I tried to put tape on the rugs and floor but this also failed to work. The tape was just a waste of time and money as it lost its grip after a few days and left sticky residues on the floor and wall.. This made the house look uglier than it was.

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ruggies as seen on tv reviews

Ruggies Press & Stick So Rugs Don’t Slip

When I learned about ruggies rug grippers, I decided to place an order through their efficient website. Delivery of the ruggies took less than a week. The ruggies changed the look in my house as they provided a much cozy look. I have never regretted buying the ruggies as they are very easy to maintain and they work properly in keeping the rugs at their right places. The ruggies are reusable thus the total cost in the only initial cost when buying them. They are stuck at the back of the rugs and fitted on the floor were they have a proper grip with the floor. The rug tends to hold on to the floor tightly and does not moved at all. This has reduced the number of accidents caused by tripping over the rug. I can now comfortably invite friends over to my place as it now looks more presentable. For sure, ruggies have come to aid us in a very huge way. They are less tiresome and not time consuming. They do not require any skill to place them yet they do a perfect job in maintaining the house.

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How Ruggies Works

Ruggies can be washed when washing the rugs. This makes the task of cleaning the house much easier. Ruggies can also be used in walls to stick beautiful rugs and pictures on them. My house has now turned to be a paradise with very beautiful and clean walls with pictures erected on them.

” Ruggies Rug Grippers are simple to use. All you need to do is press them to the bottom of the rug and attach the other end to the hardwood floor. There is no need for you to worry about ruining the floors with stick residue as the Ruggies are free of adhesive and glue. The secret to this is the Tacky Grip Polymer Technology that … “continue to reading by 

Ruggies are manufactured in different shapes and sizes to suite each rug. i would advise any one who has not tried to use ruggies to order some as they are 100% in their purpose. They change someones life style in a positive manner giving you the best value for you money.

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Ruggies Rug Grippers as seen on tv

Ruggies As Seen on Tv